About DavData

The Site
At DavData, my personal website, the visitor will find puzzles, games,
educational freeware and articles about math and technology.
For the games and freeware, I explain the algorithms behind.
Undoubtedly I have reinvented the wheel in most cases.

The programs presented here are all written in the Delphi programming language.
Delphi is a great programming language because of the nice syntax.
Delphi programs are easy to read and writing programs involves a lot of reading as well.

Born 1945 in Amsterdam, I joined the Control Data Corporation (CDC) after studying electrical engineering.
For 25 years I installed and maintained mainframes at scientific data centers in the Netherlands.
In this time I have witnessed the evolution of computer hardware:
from the first transistorized mainframes (CDC3300) to the supercomputers of the eighties (CYBER205) .
(look HERE for more about the CY205 and some pictures)
During this period I also attended over 100 technical courses and was instructor in more than 30 occasions.
At the decline of CDC around 1990 I started to study mathematics and became a math teacher in 1993.

One of my hobbies was electronics: building digital clocks, radio's and amplifiers for friends and family.
(Look HERE to see my Z80 personal computer build in the 80's).
However, since the miniaturisation and low prices of consumer electronics, home built equipment is
far more expensive and inferior to commercial stuff.
My interest changed to programming as I wondered how to draw the graph of an equation, solve a puzzle or
calculate the best move in a game.

With CDC I programmed small machine code loops to diagnose and repair malfunctioning processors.
As PC's became mature I bought Delphi-3 for self study.
My focus is on graphics, board games and mathematics.

Since 2009 I enjoy pension.
Programming is nice but must be balanced by sufficient physical exercise.
Walking is my other hobby.

life is full of risks

but also nice views...

some spectators....

End of "coast to coast" path from St.Bees to Robin Hood's bay, 192 miles.