Brexit !

Congratulations !

Thank you Britain !
Our hope is that your Brexit will start the necessary reform of the -derailed- European Union.
We want a Europe with free people and innovation:
not a remake of the USSR governed by autistic bureaucrats, lobbyists and ill-minded activists.

Local people should be free to solve local problems.
Nations should be free to choose their allies.
People may not be subordinate to the financial system.

The power of Europe is in its diversity, not the humdrum which the EU creates.

Small countries are more sucessful than large ones.
Switserland and Norway are doing much better than the EU members.

Modern technology obsoletes the advantages of large and rigid structures.
Smaller organisations are more flexible. Just compare Singapore and China.

"Brussels" is outdated and a threat to our future.
It makes rich people richer (that's why big companies love the EU) at the cost of lower- and middle classes.

Insane energy policies, promoted by the priests of the green church, cause unreliable and expensive energy.
This lowers adaptability and puts our future at risk.
It expels industry, causing mass unemployment.
It kills innovation as research moves to countries having affordable energy.

Countries need help if they suffer from disasters like floods, famines and plagues.
Not if it is entirely their own fault.
Greece is a western country with universities and a well educated population.
Helping the Greeks is perverse!
Let the Greek print drachmes to pay their officials and use euros to pay a mercedes.

The EU causes exactly the opposite of what was promised:
1. peace has become irritation between countries
2. prosperity has become poverty for the lower- and middle classes.
3. innovation has become stagnation.
4. hope has gone: youth unemployment rates are over 50% in several member states.
5. political strength is weakness in reality.
(Inability to solve crises: Yugoslavia, financial, immigration)
6. Political wisdom is stupidity: confronting Russia.
7. EU style democracy is a elite-lobby-bureaucracy.
8. EU honesty is deceit: the EU has violated their own rules on several occasions.
(no bailout, budgetary deficit)

Thank you Britains !
You have started the liberation of Europe from an elite of autistic bureaucrats.