Sudoku Helper - Solver version 3

New in version 3:
Printing of puzzles, 1 or 2 per page.
With/without digit options.

Click [ here ] for a description of the Delphi program.


Sudoku is a very popular number puzzle.
Click HERE to review the SUDOKU game rules.

This Sudoku Helper - Solver program assists in the solution of Sudoku puzzles from easy to very difficult.
Below is a reduced image of the SUDUKO - helper / solver.


      - input of numbers for a new puzzle
      - erase the board
      - save puzzles on disc (.sdk extension)
      - open puzzles from disc (.sdk extension)
      - print puzzles, including options, maximum 2 per page
      - copy puzzle to clipboard
      - paste puzzle from clipboard
      - in-line help information
      - while searching for solutions:
        - take numbers back
        - color difference between original numbers and numbers added
        - reject wrong numbers already present in the row, column or group
        - restore original puzzle
      - while searching for solutions:
        - show options in open fields
        - warn if erroneous board state occurs (zero-option field, missing options)
        - indicate single choice fields
        - automatic moves on single choice fields
        - reduction of options per field, by analyses


Click on the download icon (lightning) at the top op this page to download the Sudoku Helper - Solver.

Sudoku Helper - Solver is freeware and may be distributed without restrictions.
It ships as a single (.exe) file.
There is no installation procedure. Just copy it to a map of your choice.
The Windows Registry is not changed.

Program Information

    programmerDavid Dirkse
    size490kB (1 .exe file)
    systemWindows 95 +
    screen resolutionminimal 1024*768
    color depthminimal 16 bits
    documentationin - line help
    programming languageDelphi -7
    version 3aug. 2011

Sudoku rules

The board has 9 * 9 fields which may be considered as:
    1. 9 rows of 9 fields each
    2. 9 columns of 9 fields each
    3. 9 groups of 3 * 3 fields each
At the start, some fields contain a digit 1 to 9.
Add digit 1..9 to each open field such, that any row, column or group contains all digits 1..9 once.