Peg Solitaire

Click [ here ] for a description of the program and search techniques.

The Game

Peg Solitaire is a single player puzzle.

The board consists of holes (33) and pegs (initially 32). The center position only is open.
The final, solved, state has left 1 peg in the center position when 31 moves have striked the other pegs.

A move takes a peg over it's neigbour (horizontally or vertically) to an empty hole.
The peg that was jumped over is removed from the game.
See picture below for a reduced image of an initial- and a solved game:
    initial board statefinal solution
Picture above shows the original Solitaire board state and the final state.
Hoewever, I have added several other starting positions, from easy to difficult.
The final state is always the same: 1 ball left in the center.

Program Options

    play search for solutions
    replay replay previous moves or solution
    search have computer search for solutions
    place place balls at board to create starting position for search
    select select 1 of 12 preset games, from easy to difficult
    save save board / solution to disk
    reload reload game from disk
    add to print queue add a solution to the print queue
    print print previously stored solutions
    in line help
    P - filter permutation filter removes similar solutions :
    same moves in different sequence


Platform : all windows versions.
Download solitaire2.exe by clicking on the download (lightning) icon at the left top of this page.
There is no installation procedure: simply copy the program to a map of choice.
The windows registry is not changed.

Additions to solitaire 1

New options :
    - place
    - select
    - save
    - reload
In solitaire1, the P-filter (permutation filter) removed similar solutions afterwards, when a solution was found.
Solitaire2 skips similar move sequences already during the search process.
The speedup is enormous : over 100 times in many cases for more difficult puzzles.

Also, solitaire2 recognizes unsolvable puzzles before the search is started.

have fun!