Polygon Overlap Calculator

The Polygon-Overlap-Calculator program calculates the area of two (convex) polygons and their overlap.

Convex means : any angle of the polygon is less than 180 degrees.

The number of angles may vary from 3 to 12.

Below is a reduced image of the program at work:
the options of the Polgon-Overlap-Calculator are
    - number of angles selectable from 3 to 12
    - calculate area of polygons and also their overlap
    - shape of polygon changeable by mouse or by keyboard
    - polygons can be shifted (by mouse) in the coordinate system
    - changeable scale and position of coordinate system
    - images can be copied to clipboard or file
    - save coordinates of polygons, together with settings, to file
    - open files to load previously saved polygons and settings
    - print polygons, together with coordinates information
    - In-Line help
    - no installation procedure, simply copy "overlap.exe" to a map of choice.
The Polygon-Overlap-Calculator is freeware and may be used, copied and distributed without restriction.

The Polygon-Overlap-Calculator may, beside calculation of areas, be used to match geographic images
such as maps and air photographs with earth coordinates.

Supplementary Information
The Polygon-Overlap-Calculator is written in Delphi-7.
Size is about 330kB.
To download, click at the download logo (lightning) at the left top of this page.

For more information:

Algorithm description.
Source code.
Program description.
Complete Delphi-7 project.

System requirements
Windows 95 and up.
Screen size minimal 1024 * 768 pixels.