Nim Games 1..9


Nim games are a category of board games that may look very different, but the math behind is the same.
The following characteristics are shared
  • definite number of moves
  • always ends with winner and loser
  • winner is the player that first reaches the final board state
  • each board state is either good or bad

About these Nim games

This program offers 9 Nim games: from easy (1) to difficult (9).
They are all single player versions, but the player can defeat the computer in every game.

When the mathematics are understood, a board state may be analysed as "good" or "bad".
A "bad" board state has a connection to a "good" board state.
A "good" board state only has connections to "bad" board states.

The goal is to unveil the similarity between the games and to find a winning strategy.

Below are pictures of the various Nim games (reduced images)


Nim9 is written in the Delphi programming language and for all Windows versions.
Nim9 ships as a single .exe file. There is no installation procedure.
Simply copy Nim9 to a map of choice.
The program has In-Line help.

To download, click on the download (lightning) icon at the top of this page.