Jumping Goats

"Jumping Goats" is a 3 - level puzzle for all ages.
Below is a reduced picture of the start for level - 3:

- a goat may jump forward one or two places to an open spot
- a puzzle is solved if the goats have changed place.

And below is a solved game:
The game may be played using mouse or keyboard.


- click on goat that has to jump
- click on right bottom button to restart or progress to next level.
- click on button several times to go back to a previous level


- enter number to select goat that has to jump
- press RETURN or SPACE to restart or progress to next level
- press RETURN or SPACE repeatedly for previous level


Click on download logo (lightning) at top of page to download goats.exe
There is no installation procedure. Copy "goats" to a map of choice.
Goats is written for Windows and requires a screenwidth of minimal 1000 pixels.

Have fun!

Interested in the source code?
A Delphi-7 project