Solve Systems of Linear Equations

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This freeware Delphi program solves systems of linear equations from 2 * 2 to 9 * 9 rows and columns.
It uses the "Gauss-Jordan" elimination.
To illustrate this method, select STEP mode to watch the process step by step.
Below is a snapshot of the program in true size:


The program runs on all Windows versions.
To download, click the download (lightning) logo at the top of this page.
There is no installation procedure: just copy it to a map of choice.


LinEq solves systems of linear equations from 2 equations and 2 unknowns to 9 equations and 9 unkwowns.


Click mode button to switch STEP mode on and off.
In step mode, the program halts after eacg step that sweeps the columns.


Click Save button to save data.


Click Load button to reload previously saved data.


Click Help-Info button to show in-line help information.

The project

LinEq was written many years ago in the Delphi-3 programming language.
It was one of my first efforts.
Click on the download logo below to load the complete project.

Download LinEq Delphi project.