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Pictured below left is a rectangular framework.
When force is applied this may happen:

The joints are weak and the rectangle distorts to become a parallellogram.
However this weakness may be overcome by adding a brace between opposite joints.
This separates the rectangle into two triangles which cannot be distorted.

Using such rectangles we may built frames counting several rows and columns.
Then the question arises which rectangles should be braced to make a rigid structure.

Pictured left below is a frame with many braces which is still not rigid:

This framework program allows for
    - testing of frames for rigidity
    - elimination of superfluous braces
    - saving and loading of frames
The maximum frame size is 8 columns and 8 rows.


This Delphi program runs on all Windows platforms.
There is no installation procedure: just copy framework.exe to a folder of choice.
Saved files have no extension.

Click on the lightning logo at the left top of this page to download frameworks.

Framework Help

Below is a (reduced) picture of framework at work.

Top buttons from left to right:
    load : load a frame from disc
    save : save a frame to disc
    help : show on-line help
Top buttons from right to left:
    test : examine frame for rigidity
    edit : allows editing of frame
    clear : remove all braces
    min : indicate superfluous braces
    clear : remove superflous braces
After pressing the min button, superfluous braces are colored grey.
The grey clear button left of min removes these greyed braces.

Editing of the frame
    left mouseclick :
      outside frame : extend frame to include rectangle
      inside frame : add / remove brace
    right mouseclick:
      on left column : delete all lower rows
      on top row : delete all right columns
      on other rectangles : delete all right- and lower rectangles