Connect 4

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This is a single player version of the popular board game.
Drop a blue ball in a column to obtain 4 consequetive blue balls in a row: horizontally, vertically or diagonally.


  • 8 levels: computer "thinks" 3..17 moves ahead
  • 8 strategies: attacking, neutral, defending...
  • move with mouse or keyboard
  • option to take moves back
  • optional analyses: prediction of moves to winning or losing
  • Hall of Fame
  • In-Line help
  • Extremely fast search algorithm: fast response even at higher levels
Analyses is a great way to improve your skills.


Written for all Windows versions.
Download connect4 by clicking on the download (lightning) icon at the top of this page.
There is no installation procedure, simply copy connect4 to a map of choice.
It ships as a single .exe file.

Search Algoritm

Click [ here ] to learn how the computer calculates the best move.