Climate Science

This page contains shocking pictures.

"The science is settled" are the famous words of Al Gore.
But didn't we hear these words before?

Science and media scare us by forecasting catastrophic weather events due to
rising CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere.

The successful business model of the environmentalists:
raising funds by raising panic
has spread all over the world.
Thanks to the absence of real threats, climate panic is rooted deeply into society.

But not everybody is infected by this alarmism:

Polar bears, having witnessed multiple ice-ages, are very greatfull for the hunting prohibition.
Humans panic about some tenth of degrees temperature change.

An almost religious battle has emerged between alarmists and realists, also called "deniers"

Hundreds of billions are spend each year to fight a fictitious problem.
Climate change in the past was much bigger than at present.
But wasn't wind for free?

In spite of all rhetorics, there is no energy transition at all!
Energy transition = fuel transition, but this new fuel (or storage) is nowhere to be seen.
The sole transition is a money transition from the lower- and middles classes to the climate fear profiteers.

A striking foresight of Margaret Thatcher:

We are talking about 100 molecules (100ppm) of CO2 extra per 1.000.000 .
CO2, which is the basic compound of life on earth.
If trees could speak they would say "thank you" to each car passing by.

How much is 100ppm?
Answer: 10 extra visitors in this stadium!

Shame on us:

It is unethical to spoil billions of money while many human needs stay unsolved.

These billions of subsidies have created a new caste of profiteers:

also "energy transition"- , "sustainability"- and "climate change" professors with their courts.

They will be the last to admit uncertainties in the role of CO2 in the climate.
Other theories are neglected, it's scientists are ridiculed and even demonized.
This is no science but fraude, because real science is continuous scepticism and debate and is never settled.

It is not about the climate at all but about money

the integrity of science is at stake

CO2 is the source of life.
Thanks to some more CO2 nature looks fine:

flowers everywhere

high agricultural yields:

planet earth is greening

Is this the environmentalists aim?

is this progress ?

Is this "saving the planet"?

What are the real causes of climate change?
We don't know.
Previous warm and cool periods have not been explained.
Water (vapour) and clouds play the main role.
The earth orbit around the sun is important: 6% eccentric during an ice age.
Solar activity may influence cloud formation.

A positive correlation is no explanation !

Our faith in science is challenged !

An important cause, hardly investigated, is sea floor vulcanism.
Earth is a sphere with inside fluid stone and metal.
Over three million vulcanoes cover the ocean floors.
These vulcanoes heat water, change ocean streams and influence the climate.

So, the most realistic measure to combat climate change is the prohibition of vulcanic eruptions.

Meanwhile climate alarmists face a serious problem:
in spite of rising CO2 concentrations in our atmosphere, the temperature refused to rise for 18 consecutive years.
Protesters demand divestment in fossil technology

And accuse EXXON to know about climate change for 40 years
So, the magicians of Exxon did a great job: new ice age suspended!

How would caveman react on climate change?

What to do to stabilize the climate?
These recommendations are according to the latest scientific insights:
    - close vulcanos
    - stop continental drift
    - remove the other planets
    - regulate ocean currents
    - prohibit comets to strike earth
    - kill all insects (10* human CO2 production)
But how is the earth really doing?

Let's ask:

Action for a better world :

This shows global warming panic so far:
(Enjoy this "climate optimum")

Meanwhile, beware of activists:

The panic factory at work:

And don't be afraid:

To end in a positive way:

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